The Peloton Guide won’t count your reps, but this Peloton Tread can!

The newly released Peloton Guide has so far been met with mixed reviews. Automatic rep counting was one of several missing features many were hoping for. Peloton so far has not discounted nor confirmed that rep counting will be added in the future.

So while the Peloton Guide won’t count your reps for now, we found a Peloton Tread that can!

Steven Webster, Founder and CEO of Asensei, recently posted a video of a modification he made to the Peloton Tread.

As an experiment to see if the Peloton Tread’s camera was capable of movement tracking, Webster installed part of his Asensei computer vision software into the tablet. You can see the results in this 39-second video:

Screenshot from video

Alongside the video on Linked In, Webster wrote:

Earlier in the year, having took delivery of a new Peloton Interactive treadmill, I thought I’d spend an hour of my Sunday morning upgrading my Peloton with ASENSEI form-tracking capabilities (we’re a cross-platform SDK after all).

So I guess this is the first public demo of form-tracking, rep-counting and real-time coaching on a Peloton product…

My Peloton Guide arrives tomorrow and has an external USB port. 

Stay tuned, sideloaders.

While I am not sure anyone wants to use their Peloton Tread screen to track their reps, members may be interested to know that the Peloton Bike+ has the same camera — a camera that can be rotated and better angled to track a variety of movements.

Most of us (who don’t own an AI computer vision program) will have to wait for any updates Peloton decides to make in the future. Peloton almost certainly will not be adding rep tracking to the Peloton Bike, but there is very little stopping them from bringing it to the Peloton Guide.

Let us know what you think. Would you prefer actual rep tracking? Or do you prefer the more simplistic “movement tracker” that is already included?

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