Review: NordicTrack iSelect voice-controlled adjustable dumbbells are excellent

Today we are taking a look at the brand new NordicTrack iSelect voice-controlled adjustable dumbbells. Let’s find out if these Alexa-enabled smart dumbbells are the perfect fit for your home gym.

NordicTrack iSelect Dumbbell review video

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Adjustable dumbbell weight range

Like most premium adjustable dumbbell sets, the NordicTrack iSelect can be adjusted in five pound increments from 5-50lbs.

Also like all adjustable dumbbells, they are going to be more bulky then if you were to use a similar traditional dumbbell of the weight. Personally I think the trade off is worth it for all of the space and cost savings that adjustable dumbbells allow.

Speed of weight change

Another issue you sometimes get with adjustable dumbbells is the effort and time needed to change the weight each set. This is luckily not the case with the Nordictrack iSelects.

Instead of manually needing to be adjusted, these weights are digitally adjusted by turning a knob in the center of their base. The iSelects then automatically adjusts by changing how many plates it locks in and does so extremely quickly. The whole process takes under one second.

I love the speed, especially during workouts where you go from one movement right into another. It is really this speed paired with having the whole dumbbell set right next to you that has made it my preferred dumbbells at home for iFIT and Peloton classes.

iSelect Alexa integration and app

The NordicTrack iSelect dumbbells can also be adjusted using Alexa via voice control – you can say things like “Alexa, add 10 pounds to my weight,” and “Alexa, change the weight to 35 lbs.” While this takes a bit longer than the dial (usually 2-3 seconds), it is an option I have found useful in several occasions.

For example, if I am doing a bodyweight movement like push-ups, I will also use that time to tell Alexa what weight I want so that they are ready to go for my next movement. Also, sometimes in between sets, I will go and drink some water and often find it easier to just say it the weight I want out loud rather than change it via the digital dial.

You can even tell Alexa to change the weight for specific movements like “Alexa, change weight to overhead shoulder press.” This is possible be the Nordictrack iSelect dumbbells also have their own app with 15 movements you can have weights preset to. 

Resetting the dumbbell

There is one issue (with is 100% my own fault) with the NordicTrack iSelect dumbbells that has come up a few times. Since the weight change is so fast, you can get used to it being almost instant.

But heads up: it is not instant.

If you pull the weight out before it fully adjusts (as indicated by the numbers flashing), a weight plate may fall out of the locking mechanism. To then fix it, you will need to remove all of the plates, reset the length, and then place all of the plates back into the base. A process which takes around five to ten minutes.

Luckily, once I understood how the locking mechanism functions, I figured out a faster way using a butter knife to get the process down in under one minute.  But it is a much better idea just to wait for the adjustment to finish rather than be impatient like me. 

Final thoughts and cost

On Amazon, the cost of the NordicTrack iSelect adjustable dumbbells is currently $429, which makes this a great value. However, on the Nordictrack website, they are being sold for $599.

So I am not sure if $429 will be the price forever on Amazon, but I would definitely check both websites before buying to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Overall, these are the best adjustable dumbbells I have ever used, and have become my preferred way to strength train at home. Highly suggested, whether or not you use iFIT, Peloton, or just want a great set of adjustable dumbbells.

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