Nordictrack Vault Review (2021)

Nordictrack Vault Review

The Nordictrack Vault by iFIT is a fitness mirror that also functions as a compact, freestanding storage system. In addition to storing close to 300lbs of free weights, the Nordictrack Vault hosts a wide variety of iFIT workouts. Is this workout mirror the perfect fit for your home gym? Let us find out in our Nordictrack Vault review. 

The Nordictrack Vault is a 61.5-inch rotating mirror that includes a 32-inch HD touch screen. It is set on a freestanding base within a carbon steel frame and has dual 3-inch digitally amplified speakers. The primary feature that makes the Nordictrack Vault unique is the storage enclosed behind the mirror. It holds dumbbells, kettlebells and everything else you need for your iFIT workouts. 

This feature is great as it gives the Vault three functions for your home. It can be used as a simple standup mirror, an instructed workout class, or a fitness closet. This setup is great, especially for those storing the Vault in a room that has other purposes besides working out. 

The Vault comes with two different types of shelves so you can customize the internal storage however you like. (Note: the hanging shelves do not work well with the dumbbells provided by Nordictrack in the Complete Vault).

Nordictrack Complete Vault vs Stand-Alone Vault

The Vault comes in two options: The Standalone Vault and The Complete Vault. The difference between the two is that the Complete Vault includes all the workout equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, and bands. While the Standalone Vault comes mostly empty.

You can watch a video I made on whether I thought the Complete Vault was worth the extra $1,000 here, but a quick recap is this:

  • The sets of 5lb to 30lb dumbbells are well made, have a great grip, and work well.
  • The 20lb and 30lb kettlebells are decent, but the stainless steel handles are a bit too smooth and slippery for me.
  • The loop bands, yoga mat, and other accessories are all functional but definitely not the highest quality.

Personally, I would try to order the equipment from other places (like Rogue Fitness), but the drawback of doing so is that you cannot be sure that everything will fit perfectly within the Vault. The big benefit of the Complete Vault is that you know everything will look nice and fit properly.

Also, keep in mind that the Nordictrack Vault is designed around dumbbells and kettlebells that only go up to 30lbs. It may not have the space to hold larger weights depending on their circumference.

Both Vault options come with a dual 3-inch speaker sound system that is decent. But you will need to connect it to other speakers or headphones via Bluetooth to really crank up the volume.

iFIT integration on The Vault

Like most iFIT enabled equipment, the Vault comes with a free year of the iFIT family plan. This allows you to create five total accounts and is currently valued at $396.

When you begin your iFIT membership, it will include access to all of the iFIT workouts. You can stream them via the app on your phone, tv, and other iFIT enabled devices. There are thousands of great on-demand and live workouts, with dozens of new workouts and programs added monthly.

Unfortunately, the Nordictrack Vault is much less integrated as part of the iFIT experience compared to other iFIT enabled products. There is no access to monthly challenges, no live classes, no leaderboard, and almost no stat tracking.

Vault workout selection

My biggest disappointment is the more limited workout selection. As of this review, there are just a few dozen programs and a few hundred classes available. This is a good amount to get you started and they will definitely keep you busy for awhile. But it is a strange choice to disable the thousands of scenic and studio classes that are included on iFIT.

There are two possible reasons why classes may have been limited on the Vault. One is because they seem to be trying to keep as much mirror reflection as possible by having the trainers teach in front of a black background. The other reason is that the screen on the Vault is vertical rather than horizontal. So regular studio or scenic classes would make the screen look smaller.

While I understand these two reasons, I wish they would still allow for an option of taking the other classes. Hopefully these workouts will be added back soon. Even if they include a warning saying that they are not designed specifically for the Vault.

With that out of the way, the programs and classes available here are excellent. Strength and yoga programs range from beginner to advanced and are designed between one to twelve weeks in length.

So far, each class has taken me through a good warm-up and a well-built workout. Everything is working well but I have noticed an occasional sound issue where the instructors’ mic gets very quiet. This is a rare occurrence but it still does happen from time to time.

iFIT has been making frequent updates to its software, so the limited integration could possibly be improved soon. I will continue checking in on the Vault frequently and will update this review if and when it does.

Overall thoughts on the Nordictrack Vault

I feel the Nordictrack Vault is currently designed best for someone who is already part of the entire iFIT ecosystem. The Vault makes a lot of sense if you already have an iFIT device, want to enhance your experience, or want the equipment storage. I think iFIT really does have one of the most complete fitness systems available. If you plan on expanding your home gym over time, the Vault is a good option.

However, it makes less sense if you are looking at the Vault to be your only fitness device and are not committed to iFIT. The Vault just feels a bit limited with fewer workout programs, no live classes, and no camera that allows for form correction or rep counting.

The current Standalone Vault costs $1999. This can seem a bit steep but is fair considering it includes free delivery, installation, and a $396 membership package. The Complete Vault is currently $2,999, which is a little more pricey considering what is included for that additional $1,000. However, given that everything will fit perfectly, the Complete version could be worth the cost to many.

Buy the Nordictrack Vault Here
(link includes free delivery, installation, and one year of iFIT Membership)

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