Report: Peloton employees file complaints about missing overtime pay, back pay for unused vacations, and forced working lunches


A new report claims that Peloton owes at least five of its employees across various divisions within the company pay for work they performed. Concerns have been raised by sales and delivery staff, assembly workers, and video production employees around the country.

Two employees – a delivery worker in Minnesota and a salesperson in LA – have filed a class-action lawsuit against the company claiming they haven’t been paid yet for overtime. Three additional employees spoke with BuzzFeed News about not being reimbursed for work expenses, having to work through lunch breaks, and not being paid for unused vacation time after leaving the company.

“We worked off the clock a lot,” Ed Bonilla, who worked in a Peloton warehouse in New York, told BuzzFeed. “Oftentimes we work through our breaks and don’t get to take them on time or at all,” he said. “I missed my lunches almost every day.”

The article also mentions a delivery worker, Trevon Estes, who filed suit against Peloton last fall alleging that the company “willfully engaged in a pattern, policy, and practice of unlawful conduct,” and that the company owes him and other workers for overtime pay. Peloton has denied the charges.

In response, Peloton defends its employee policy by saying that it recently raised its starting wage to $19 an hour and provides paid breaks in accordance with labor laws.

“We are committed to creating an inclusive, kind, and productive culture where all team members are treated respectfully and have the tools to succeed,” a Peloton spokesperson said in a statement. “Peloton employees are fairly paid, and we are committed to adhering to all legal requirements in every state in which we operate.”

BuzzFeed News

The article details other past cases of Peloton employees filing claims against the company for unfair work policies or lack of pay. In addition, in November, Black employees at Peloton began raising questions over unfair pay discrepancies at the company, revealing that some Black employees are being undercut by as much as $15,000 annually compared to their white counterparts.

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