Peloton releases more information on upcoming video game mode ‘Lanebreak’

Peloton Lanebreak

David Packles, senior director of product management at Peloton, put out a press release with more information on Peloton’s upcoming video game mode called “Lanebreak.” We reported on Lanebreak earlier this week, but the press release reveals new details on how the game will work, as well as a timeline for when the final version may be released.

According to Packles:

Lanebreak is a rhythm-based game on Bike and Bike+ rooted in something core to Peloton’s DNA, music. Players are challenged to match and sustain their resistance or cadence according to the cues on the tablet to get the highest score possible, which they can then compare with other Members. Along the virtual track, riders control their cadence with their leg speed and can “switch lanes” left or right by turning the resistance knob. They face multiple obstacles, all synchronized with the beat of the music. Members can choose from a number of different levels based on specific playlists, workout types and lengths, with each level having difficulties ranging from beginner to expert.

It seems Lanebreak (the name which Packles does mention may be subject to change) was created over time from several ideas and should be ready for a full launch later this year. Packles wrote:

The overall direction is the result of months of design and research, most notably informed by a series of mini-games we play-tested directly with Members in guided sessions. In these experiments (which were each executed in time-boxed 2 week sprints), we toyed with mechanics and motivators ranging from social cooperation to competition to pure play. This next phase is focused on gathering feedback at scale, and using these insights to continue iterating on the experience through our full launch this winter. To do so, we are actively testing an early version of the game with Members in their homes as we speak.

Personally, I am very excited by this new direction for Peloton. I have recently been testing the Ergatta Rower, and am finding their game formats to be a very refreshing change of pace. If Peloton puts the same level of quality and care into Lanebreak as they do their studio classes, then I will definitely be jumping in from time to time.

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