Tonal adds new recovery classes featuring Theragun

tonal theragun partnership

Tonal has added new recovery, warmup, and cool-down classes featuring Theragun (a self-myofascial release massage gun similar to the Hypervolt). These new classes are the first to come from a partnership between Tonal and Theragun, which was announced earlier this year.

On Tonal’s blog, they wrote:

“If you want to get stronger and take your training to the next level, recovery is essential. Tonal partnered up with Theragun — the creators of revolutionary massage devices that deliver percussive therapy — for this very reason. To provide you with an optimal way to train and recover. Like Tonal, Theragun is trusted by the pros. 

Try our exclusive Theragun content before or after a Tonal workout to help muscles warm up, cool down, or recover. Each session uses breathwork, movement, and percussive therapy to maximize strength gains from training on Tonal. Coach Lissa will walk you through how to use a Theragun Elite device to help relieve those muscles or prep them for performance.”

The new Theragun classes taught by Coach Lissa include:

  • Theragun Upper Body Recovery
  • Theragun Lower Body Recovery
  • Theragun Total Body Recovery
  • Upper Body Warmup
  • Lower Body Warmup
  • Core Warmup
  • Upper Body Cooldown
  • Lower Body Cooldown
  • Full Body Cooldown

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