Hypervolt Plus review: A quiet massage gun that packs a punch

Hypervolt Plus Review

The Hypervolt Plus by Hyperice is an innovative and extremely popular vibrating massage tool designed for precise, self-myofascial release. You don’t have to look far to see the Hypervolt in use, whether at a sporting event, a physical therapist office, or even inside the home of many fitness enthusiasts.

The Hypervolt Plus has three different speeds/intensities, and they pack quite a punch. In fact, this is the primary difference between the plus and regular version. The regular Hypervolt runs on a 60-volt motor, whereas the Hypervolt Plus runs on a 90-volt motor. The extra power might not be needed all of the time, but it is certainly nice to have when you need it on some of the larger muscle groups.

Both the Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus come with five attachment heads:

Cushion – The cushion attachment is great for those new to the Hypervolt or for more sensitive areas.  It is made of a softer material with a larger surface area, allowing for more forgiveness when using on tender areas like the neck. 

Foam Ball – The foam ball is one step up from the cushion attachment in terms of firmness. It has roughly the same surface area but is a bit denser. This attachment is best for large muscle groups like quads, lats, and pecs.

Fork The fork attachment is for certain muscles like the upper traps, forearms, and calves. It offers two points of contact on certain muscle groups, which some people prefer.

Flat Head – The flat attachment is for larger areas like your hamstrings or glutes. The hard material allows this attachment to penetrate more deeply into these larger muscle groups.

Bullet The bullet attachment has the smallest surface area and is really for smaller/harder-to-reach muscle groups like under your shoulder blade or the bottom of your feet.

In terms of noise, massage guns have been known to be pretty loud. However, the Hypervolt is actually relatively quiet. The Plus version is a little bit louder than the regular Hypervolt because of the more powerful motor, but it is still much quieter than other competitors.

The Hypervolt Plus also comes with Bluetooth connectivity to the Hyperice App, which is more useful than it sounds, as it allows you to follow along seamlessly with free on-demand classes that guide you through tons of different recovery and warm-up routines.

The more I use the app with Hyperice’s various recovery products, the more I think about how underappreciated this entire ecosystem is. Even by me for some of my other reviews on products like the Normatech Compression Pants. It wasn’t until using it with the Hypervolt (which has a higher learning curve than the other products) that I really saw the powerful benefits of having that connected app and classes.

The one thing that I didn’t like about the Hypervolt, and it’s a small thing, is that it did not come with any sort of carrying case. There is a little bag for the attachments, but without a case, it would be very difficult to take the Hypervolt to the gym, airport, or anywhere outside of your home.

I found a lot of benefits from using it consistently, and I think it is of tremendous value for the quality of the product. And with the app, I find myself using the Hypervolt Plus more because it has taken a lot of the thinking about “what to do” out of my recovery sessions.

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