CLMBR launches new exclusive fitness accessories with Bala bands

CLMBR is launching a partnership with Bala, creator of stylish, weighted bangles and functional fitness accessories to offer the company’s products in a new color, CLMBR Pantone Blue

“Our trainers have found unique ways to incorporate both the Bala Bangles and The Power Ring into effective exercises both on and off CLMBR that will help users achieve their fitness goals,” said Christa Dellebovi, Director of Training & Education at CLMBR. “Not only are Bala weights functional and effective, they look great too! We’re excited to work with Bala and can’t wait until users see the many ways we’ve incorporated the accessories in our routines.”

“At CLMBR our goal is to be the go-to resource for anyone looking to elevate their fitness routine,” said Avrum Elmakis, CEO of CLMBR. “The launch of the CLMBR Gear website brings custom workout gear from some of the industry’s most well-known brands, and we’re pleased to collaborate with Bala. We look forward to working with them to offer new accessories that fans of both brands can use and enjoy.”

The new Bala Bangles are available at one or two pounds each and can be worn around the wrists or ankles to add constant resistance to training activities. The Bala Power Ring is available at 10 pounds and is designed to replace the kettlebell. It can be used in over 75 different movements for a convenient workout wherever you are.

Bala Bangles and The Power Ring will be featured in CLMBR’s on-demand fitness classes. On the CLMBR Connected machine, athletes can add Bala Bangles for additional resistance. When not on the machine, athletes can choose from a variety of classes via the CLMBR app and incorporate Bala accessories into these additional sessions.

Pricing for CLIMBR’s Bala accessories in Pantone Blue starts at $49 and can be found on CLMBR’s website.

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