Endorphins not enough? A group of Peloton fans swear by riding high

For many people, getting an endorphin rush at the end of a workout is the part of the motivation. For a group of Peloton fans, cannabis is part of their actual workout strategy.

As covered by Business Insider, a group known as Pelostoners is steadily growing on Facebook and is quickly approaching 3,000 members.

One night, seeking some relief, Houlston added a mixture of THC and CBD drops to her water bottle before getting on the bike for a Lizzo-themed ride helmed by the instructor Robin Arzón.

Unlike previous attempts to work out where she was caught up in pain from old athletic injuries and anxiety, Houlston felt she was able to be fully present and rediscover the euphoria she once got from exercising. It also helped her confront the emotional baggage of the previous year.

“I lost it on the bike, just broke down crying. It was this weird moment that I was able to accept what was happening,” she told Insider.

Regardless of your opinion of cannabis usage, it’s clear that Peloton’s community-driven approach is working here. There are countless groups that are popping up all around the internet from Peloton Women Dentists, Peloton Moms, Pelowinos, and even Peloton Disney riders.

“I don’t know how Peloton did it, but they really did inspire community building even if they get this bad rap for being snobbish or negative,” Rogers said. “If I’m in a slump, there’s a group that I know I can go to and get whatever it is I need.” 

Many of the people in the group began with experimenting with THC and CBD to help ease body aches after hard workouts to aid in recovery, and it generally evolves from there.

Photo by Shelby Ireland on Unsplash

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