Peloton runs in the family as 3-year-old gets her own ‘Bike’ from her parents

When parents get the Peloton bug, it can easily spread to the entire family. Peloton doesn’t (yet) sell a kid’s bike, but that didn’t stop one family from getting their daughter her own “Peloton.”

Jason Meyers and Brian Nicholls from DadsByDesign noticed that their daughter Sydney was obsessed with the Peloton bike they purchased in 2020, so they made her a replicate bike complete with her own tablet attached.

In an interview with People, Meyers said the bike was a big hit with their daughter.

“We gave it to her on Friday and every morning she wakes up and goes, ‘We exercise on the bike’ [or] ‘Exercise me ride on the bike,'” Meyers says. “That’s literally the first thing she wakes up wanting to do every morning.” 

“She’s literally obsessed with it,” he continues. “I know that’s an overused phrase but she loves it more than we could have imagined. You never know how a three-year-old’s going to respond. Luckily she, she ended up being pretty thrilled with it.”

The couple watched a DYI video from another blogger and then purchased a Fisher-Price bike off eBay.

“We’re pretty handy with our DIY so it was actually pretty easy,” Meyers reveals, explaining that all he and Nicholls had to do was spray paint some areas of the bike black and attach a Peloton sticker since certain parts of the bike were already the correct color.

The family hasn’t taken a class together yet, but perhaps we will all be seeing Sydney on the leaderboard soon. The real question: Is she #TeamActivate or #TeamValidate?

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