Peloton instructor Kendall Toole shares her journey for Mental Health Awareness Month

Peloton Kendall Toole

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, Peloton instructor Kendall Toole has opened up about her mental health journey that began when she was only 11 years old. Toole explained how she considers her diagnosis a source of power and how fitness has helped as a healthy prescription.

In a recent Instagram post, Peloton’s own Kendall Toole opened up to the public about her lifelong mental health journey in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month in May. In addition to a recent World Mental Health Day-themed ride, Toole will be sharing special conversations, stories, and resources to raise awareness and help others who may be experiencing a similar struggle.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Toole explains that she was diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) at age 11 and was later diagnosed with anxiety and depression in college. To combat these issues, Toole learned to boost both her mental and physical health simultaneously, using exercise as a vital tool that has helped get her to where she is today.

Furthermore, Toole has become a mental health advocate with National Alliance on Mental Illness. She has been able to use her knowledge and positivity to help others stay mentally and physically fit through Peloton workouts, especially during lockdowns and isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peloton helps Kendall Toole share her story

Peloton is a company built around connected fitness but has grown exponentially because of its inclusive and supportive community for all walks of life. The platform not only allows Peloton instructors like Kendall Toole to be themselves but encourages them to share a piece of their own lives with members each day.

In this sense, the Peloton platform gives Toole the stage to share her own struggles and accomplishments surrounding her mental health. It offers an opportunity to diminish some of the stigma surrounding the topic of mental health. These open and candid discussions can help members feel less isolated and more comfortable talking about their own internal struggles. Toole explains:

The beauty of having the platform that I have is being able to help try to take that stigma away from something that is a day-to-day part of my life.

Furthermore, Peloton fitness workouts from instructors like Kendall Toole help members release chemicals vital to mental health such as dopamine and serotonin to help them feel better. Not to mention a clean release of endorphins does wonders for the human body.

As a fitness instructor for Peloton, Kendall Toole believes that any amount of exercise or movement in any form is helpful. Her biggest message to others is to remember that your mental health journey is your own and one you have control over.

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