LifePro Powerflow dumbbells are a low-cost option for Peloton strength that fit in any space

Peloton CEO John Foley has said on multiple occasions that Peloton must win strength to win fitness. Outside of some overpriced dumbbells, Peloton has no hardware to pair with its excellent strength classes. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been using the LifePro Powerflow dumbbells with my Peloton strength classes.

If the LifePro dumbbells look familiar, you are probably thinking of the Bowflex SelectTech product that looks to accomplish the same thing. Both products are aimed at giving you multiple weight options for dumbbells without having to purchase and store multiple products.

LifePro vs. Bowflex

The major difference between the two products is the price and the weight options. The Bowflow weights go up to 52 pounds, but they’re quite expensive. The Life Pro dumbbells go up to 25 pounds and are also 75% cheaper. You can also use them as 5-pound dumbbells and in multiple options in between.

LifePro for Peloton strength classes

For Peloton’s strength classes, the LifePro Powerflow dumbbells will give you plenty of weight to accomplish your beginner strength goals without breaking the budget. The dumbbells will arrive completely assembled, so you can be ready to work out in just a few minutes. One of the aspects of the dumbbells you’ll appreciate is that during a class if the instructor wants you to have light and medium weights, you’ll be able to adjust them by moving the slider to pick a new weight.

Even before I joined the Peloton community, I have heavily relied on dumbbells in my strength routines. I believe you can get a full-body workout just using dumbbells with enough weights. If you want to work out your triceps, biceps, chest, shoulders, back, legs, or core – a great set of dumbbells can accomplish all of that.

The LifePro Powerflow dumbbells have become my go-to product for strength workouts using Peloton. At one-fourth the price of competing products, they’ll be a low-cost way to expand your fitness setup.

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