Images hint at a new NordicTrack mirror gym

NordicTrack Mirror

A Google image search for NordicTrack Fusion CST has revealed a potentially new product from the fitness company that features a mirrored at-home gym unit. Several images have surfaced that suggest NordicTrack has a new mirror fitness product set to debut, perhaps just not yet.

We discovered the newly posted images when performing a Google image search for “NordicTrack Fusion CST.” In searching through the images, there are multiple that feature a similar device to the Fusion CST, but with a mirror instead.

When you click any of the images, it directs you through to the NordicTrack website, but with a “404” dead end. We were able to find some remnants of a page that exists in the internet ether, but it’s not live on the NordicTrack site yet.

A searchable image of the NordicTrack “Fusion CST Studio”

What we know so far about the NordicTrack mirror home gym

All of the images include the title “Fusion CST Studio,” assuming that’s what NordicTrack plans to call this new gym variation. That would make sense, as it appears to be a very similar product to the Fusion CST, but with a mirror on the front.

As you can see from the schematics we found below, the dimensions of the CST Studio are 73.7″ tall, 59.4″ wide, and 41.5″ deep. According to NordicTrack’s website, the dimensions on the Fusion CST are 73.5″ H x 60.5″ W x 41.5″ D. So this new NordicTrack mirror version is virtually the same size.

Measurements for the NordicTrack Fusion CST Studio

From the images it also looks like the mirror will have a shelf to hold a touchscreen tablet for content. This again is a very similar design to the current Fusion CST home gym, which includes a 10” Portal 10i Tablet with purchase.

We also stumbled upon a potential purchase page for this new NordicTrack mirror gym, should it go on sale. According to the image below, the new Fusion CST Studio will cost $2,499. The current Fusion CST is currently priced at $1,899, so that’s a pretty significant price hike for the mirror version.

It is also listed to come with a one-year iFit Family Membership. That is a huge perk of using products in the iFit family like NordicTrack.

What else is interesting is that NordicTrack lists one-year membership with iFit at a $468 value, although its current products featuring the same membership list it at a $396 value.

Even in the fine print below, NordicTrack once again lists the membership value at $396. You can’t help but wonder, however, if a possible iFit membership price hike is coming on new fitness products. But that is mere speculation at this early point.

A potential purchase page for the Fusion CST Studio version

As we mentioned, these images and details were found among images of the Fusion CST, and NordicTrack has yet to confirm any of this information.

We have reached out to them to see if they can shed any light on the situation and confirm that the Fusion CST Studio is in fact a new product on the way. We have yet to hear back, but will update this piece with new information as it comes to the surface.

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