Peloton delivery times speed up yet again

Peloton is advertising significantly faster delivery times in all regions, and these are most significant on the Peloton Bike.

This past year Peloton has seen an influx of orders during the pandemic, on top of an already booming production line. Additionally, shipping delays left many fitness enthusiasts and new customers waiting while their new Peloton sat in customs.

Peloton, however, vowed to make things right, and has since kept its word. We first reported that the company was investing $100 million in expedited delivery times to its customers while pleading for a little more patience while it righted its logistics pipeline.

By mid-February, Peloton’s president William Lynch foresaw a “light at the end of the tunnel” for delivery delays. As a result of the large investment and ramping up of two new production facilities in Taiwan, the fitness manufacturer got back on track.

Delivery times continued to speed up on Peloton’s website, too. Earlier this month, we reported significantly shorter windows from order to delivery in almost all of the company’s current regions. Now it seems Peloton is alerting customers of even speedier delivery times.

As pointed out by PeloBuddy, Peloton has been emailing customers and announcing that some Bike delivery times have been reduced to 1-3 weeks.

Current delivery times for Peloton

Below are the current listed delivery times for each available product on Peloton’s website in a given region. This currently includes the US, UK, Canada, and Germany. Australia has been confirmed as the next market and its site is up and running, but official sales have not yet begun.

Here are the current Peloton delivery times as of March 24, 2021:

United States

  • Bike: 1-3 weeks
  • Bike+: 7-9 weeks
  • Tread: On sale nationwide May 27
  • Tread+: 5-8 weeks


  • Bike: 2-4 weeks
  • Bike+: 7-9 weeks
  • Tread: 3-5 weeks
  • Tread+: N/A

United Kingdom

  • Bike: 5-9 weeks
  • Bike+: 4-8 weeks
  • Tread: 2-6 weeks
  • Tread+: N/A


  • Bike: 4-8 weeks
  • Bike+: 4-8 weeks
  • Tread: N/A
  • Tread+: N/A


  • Bike: TBD
  • Bike+: TBD
  • Tread: TBD
  • Tread+: TBD

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