A glimpse inside the internet of Peloton

Since its inception, the Peloton fitness community has grown exponentially. Fans of the brand and its products have expanded outside Peloton leaderboards and into dozens of other internet outlets. These additional communities offer support, news, and all things Peloton, giving the company an additional leg up on emerging competitors.

In a thorough article from Elle, author Caitlin Dewey shares how she was sucked into the internet community of Peloton. After purchasing a bike of her own during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dewey was a lone rider. Eventually, however, she immersed herself in a Peloton Facebook Group.

Her group is just one of hundreds on Facebook, too. Peloton’s official Facebook page has almost 770,000 likes. Nevertheless, Facebook is simply one of dozens of internet outlets being utilized to expand the reach of the Peloton community.

For example, the r/pelotoncycle subreddit currently has 173,000 members. Additionally, multiple Twitter fan pages, offer aggregated news and updates on celebrity rides. Last but not least, readers visit websites covering all things Peloton-related… like right now, for instance.

Peloton’s Facebook page

The Peloton community

All of Peloton’s success on the internet stems directly from its own community and fitness identity. Peloton built its brand around community, support, and inclusion. It has grown to promote diversity, positivity, and perseverance, all in addition to connect fitness and wellness.

As a result, Peloton has transcended a physical product that collects dust in your basement. Instead, it has become a part of people’s everyday lives. The community and its offerings help keep people coming back daily, almost as if the workouts are an added bonus.

In an age when we’re digitally connected at all times, word of mouth now has dozens of voices. This includes social media, where instructors offer a glimpse into their daily lives on Instagram. This also includes Reddit, where prospective customers ask current owners anything and everything before ordering their own Bike or Tread.

Peloton instructors are becoming internet celebrities

Peloton would not be where it is today without its instructors. These fitness leaders offer the community a friendly, familiar face while they challenge your muscles toward a gelatinous state. Peloton’s diverse community begins with its instructors, too, offering members a variety of different backgrounds, intensities, and music preferences to choose from.

As a result, Peloton owners gravitate toward the instructor(s) they most identify with. Not only from fitness preferences and goals, but in shared interests. As a community, Peloton members get a peek at instructor interests, too. Whether it’s favorite bands, memories, or random facts, many instructors share more with their classroom than just sweat.

Instructors like Cody Rigsby and Emma Lovewell have gained national attention outside of the Peloton community. They’ve appeared in TV commercials and have signed endorsement deals. Of course, Peloton set the stage for them, but it’s their own combination of personality, motivation, and style that has helped them reach a higher level. Furthermore, it’s the internet community outside of the Peloton touchscreen that truly helped propel these instructors to a larger spotlight.

Peloton instructors Cody Rigsby and Emma Lovewell

The future of Peloton thanks to the internet

2020 is a year many have already moved on from with few inclinations to look back. We’ve all experienced it together, so there’s no need to rehash anything. With that said, quarantines and lockdowns may end up as the best thing that ever happened to Peloton.

That is not to say Peloton would never achieve the expansive reach it has on the world at this point. But millions of people around the globe stuck at home for a year absolutely accelerated the process.

Without normal life’s excuses like a long day at the office or a dinner with friends you simply cannot reschedule again, people have remained more dedicated to their fitness goals. This once again has helped Peloton classes become part of many people’s daily routine.

It will be interesting to see how many current members stick with their Peloton routine, especially as the world begins to slowly but surely open up again. One thing is clear – the Peloton community is more than just some leaderboards and forums. Its fandom and camaraderie have expanded throughout the internet and don’t appear to be slowing down.

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