Has Peloton purchased a voice AI company? LinkedIn job changes suggest so

Peloton has been active in the acquisition market in recent months. After purchasing Precor, it appears the company has now acquired Aiqudo as well.

First reported by Bob Treemore, it appears a number of former Aiqudo employees now work for Peloton.

Aiqudo claims to be “the most comprehensive Voice Al Platform to enable custom voice for your brand.”

Spotted by Pelobuddy, Aiqudo’s former co-founder claims a successful exit in February of 2021.

It’s not surprising that Peloton would make an acquisition here as voice input is a logical next step in their UX development. Particularly on the accessibility side, being able to start a ride without having to provide any physical input on the screen would be a great feature. One could imagine being able to say, “Hey Peloton, start a warm-up ride with Emma Lovewell.”

Peloton’s recent 10-Q filing mentioned three acquisitions, so it’s possible the purchase happened before the quarter ended.

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