Comment: After the JJ Watt impersonation, Peloton should create a verified users feature

There is no shortage of celebrities on Peloton. Even before COVID-19 sent everyone home to workout, celebrities already enjoyed the privacy of being able to exercise in their own home. We’ve even compiled a list of famous people on Peloton if you want to work out with them.

Many people had thought that JJ Watt (NFL player) was a Peloton user because someone on there claimed to be him. He recently was released by the Houston Texans, and it was reported that he had listed a few teams in his bio to give speculation on where he was headed.

The problem? He’s not a Peloton user per his verified Twitter account.

As Peloton continues to grow, they need to develop a verified user system similar to Twitter. Peloton is on the verge of becoming a social network as it continues to innovate on its features list, so celebrities will want a way to make sure someone cannot impersonate them on the platform.

Peloton could give verified users additional controls/options while on a ride. Verified users could have the option to disable people sending them high-fives, auto-disable friend requests, and let people “follow” them. Verified users could publically signal rides they plan to do, and then it would encourage others to join in.

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