From the Classroom to Peloton: Chelsea Jackson Roberts details her fitness journey

Peloton’s Chelsea Jackson Roberts isn’t someone you see if you only use Peloton for the Bike or Tread, but she’s becoming a key part of the Peloton Yoga team. As a former classroom teacher, she brings a unique perspective to her workouts. Shondaland has recently published a great interview with her.

Chelsea and her husband move to New York from Atlanta right as the pandemic hit, so it’s been a challenge adjusting to a new job and city in such a difficult period. I was particularly interested in how she became connected to Peloton in the first place.

I actually first met [Robin Arzón, Peloton instructor and VP of fitness programming] at a conference together. We were on a panel together, and that’s where I heard about Peloton. My cousin had a Peloton and she would always post about it on Facebook, and I was like, What is this? Then, fast forward to the end of 2018, I got this inquiry from Peloton because they were launching their yoga program, which is here now, and it was over the course of two years that I actually started working for Peloton. So, I first heard about it through my cousin, and then I learned they were expanding the brand.

Robin Arzón clearly has an eye for talent, and she’s one of Peloton’s most important employees in my opinion. Her answer on what makes Peloton different really nails my views as well.

The community aspect. Although I see myself as a yogi, I’d never really considered myself much of an athlete. It’s really nice to be doing this with Shonda Rhimes, to see her and her transformation into owning that she is an athlete. Being a part of the Peloton community, it’s easy to see how you are capable of the things that perhaps you never thought your body could do. I never thought I’d be getting on a bike on a daily basis. You could not have told me this a couple of years ago. I’m like: No, I’m good. I do my yoga. But, this has definitely reminded me that I am capable of doing anything that I want to do in this body.

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