Class stacking is now available on Peloton for building a workout playlist

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One of the features I’ve wanted since purchasing a Peloton in May is the ability to add classes to a “playlist” in order to take them together. Today, Peloton has released that feature.

Peloton’s new Class Stacking allows you to focus on finishing your workout strategy (stretching, strength, cardio, cooldown) without having to worry about finding your next class. You’ll be able to preselect your classes, and then you can focus on the workout.

The best part of the new feature is that your stack can be shared across multiple platforms, and you can replace, add and remove workouts based on your current fitness goals.

While you can only build your stack on a Bike, Tread, or on the web, you can access your stacked classes from most of Peloton’s Apps:

  • iOS devices 
  • Apple TV
  • Android mobile app 
  • Android TV 
  • Amazon Fire devices 
  • Web  

I’ll personally use this on a daily basis when I plan out my mix of cardio and strength.

By Bradley Chambers

Rides a Peloton bike all over Chattanooga, TN.

Twitter: @BradleyChambers