Christmas purge hits Peloton’s on-demand library

It’s not the first time it’s happened, and it likely won’t be the last, but Peloton has once again purged a large number of on-demand rides from its archives. Who was the biggest loser in the latest Peloton class purge?

Back in August, Peloton purged the remaining classes from former instructors Jennifer Jacobs and Steven Little. In 2019, Peloton purged a significant portion of its on-demand library as part of its music licensing lawsuit. As first reported by PeloBuddy, this latest purge has affected Denis Morton and Christine D’Ercole’s archives the most. At the same time, Jenn Sherman, Emma Lovewell, Jess King, Matt Wilpers, and Alex Toussaint also lost several classes from their archives. Peloton still employs each instructor, so they will likely catch back up rather quickly.

It’s not known what caused the latest purge, but Peloton has said that they remove classes from time to time for a variety of reasons. Such reasons include a lack of use. In the past Peloton has given this statement for reasons classes were removed.

We do occasionally remove classes for a variety of reasons including quality, legal or contractual considerations, or simply lack of usage from our Members. We apologize for any inconvenience that these changes may have caused.

Technical reasons could be behind part of the reason for the purge if classes lacked closed captioning, target metrics, etc – and their usage was small enough not to warrant the expense of adding them. It doesn’t seem likely that this latest purge was due to music licensing as that lawsuit was settled so Peloton could keep offering music during its rides.

Peloton is adding new classes daily which means the latest purge won’t affect the vast majority of riders on a day to day basis. What are your thoughts on this class purge? Should Peloton inform riders before classes are removed, similar to how Netflix alerts its users when movies and TV Shows are going away?

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