Peloton kicks off Halloween season with new ‘themes’ series

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Halloween is coming up this Saturday, and Peloton is getting into the mood with a series of rides.

Our friends at PeloBuddy put together a list of the classes in the collection. It’s a combination of existing rides and new rides. I took Kendall’s movie buff ride yesterday. It apparently kicked off a new monthly series she’s planning to do.

The new series will encompass music from various movie genres, and this one, of course, was all about Halloween music. Halloween music sets the mood in movies, so a lot of it is extremely fast-paced. Kendall had a lot of fun with it, and it was a prime example of letting go and just having fun in the moment. In a year when so many people are missing community, she did a great job of making it fun and making everyone feel a part of it.

CTW’s Take

Even in a year where Halloween looks a lot different, Peloton is doing what they can to give people a fun Halloween alternative to going out to parties.

Peloton’s use of themes and collections is also extremely smart from a motivation standpoint that is ultimately a retention standpoint. By releasing a holiday theme, Peloton is giving people a specific reason to work out. I even wonder whether, in the future, Peloton could play snippets of a movie during the ride to make it even more immersive.

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