Peloton removes QAnon leaderboard tags from its platform

Peloton has removed tags related to the QAnon conspiracy theory from their platform in recent days.

Even though Peloton isn’t a social network, by introducing the ‘tags’ functionality to the Leaderboard, it’s has opened itself up to controversy. QAnon is the far-right conspiracy theory that claims President Trump is fighting a “deep state” of human traffickers.  Business Insider was the first to report the news.

Peloton was built on community, inclusivity, and being the best version of yourself,” the spokesperson said in a statement, adding that the company has “a zero-tolerance policy against hateful content.

Peloton isn’t a social network like Twitter or Facebook, but it still has a responsibility to keep its platform clean and a safe space for all of its members.

 a spokesperson said that the company moderates and removes “anything that violates” its policies “or does not reflect our company’s values of inclusiveness and unity or maintain a respectful environment.”

As of this time, the hashtags aren’t usable, but Peloton hasn’t confirmed what steps it has taken.

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