Peloton tweaks post-ride screen with new design

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In the latest version of the Peloton software, the post-ride screen has some minor tweaks from previous versions.

Previously, riders/runners were prompted to rate the class for various metrics along with the difficultly. With this latest update, the rating screen no longer pops up automatically but requires pressing the ‘Rate’ button after the ride ends.

There is also a bookmark button to save the class to your bookmarks if you want to easily find it in the future as well as a share button to post your workout to Facebook, Fitbit, or Strava along with a Workout details button.

It was quite a shock to not have the rating screen auto pop-up as the ride ended, and I wonder if hiding it behind a button will lower the percentage of people who will complete the survey.

By Bradley Chambers

Rides a Peloton bike all over Chattanooga, TN.

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