Meet STUDIO – the new fitness hub aimed at offering an interactive experience with your existing fitness gear

While all other products are wanting to be the Peloton of X, STUDIO is wanting to simplify and lower the barrier to entry of connected fitness.

Now available to preorder on Indiegogo, STUDIO is a 43″ vertical screen that can be easily rolled from room to room. Through its Bluetooth connection, STUDIO can monitor the speed of a treadmill, the cadence of a bike, heart rate, and more and display it on the screen. If a particular piece of cardio equipment isn’t Bluetooth enabled, STUDIO offers sensors that connect to make the equipment smart.

Over eight million pieces of cardio equipment are sold every year to consumers in North America and parts of Europe, but 95% of them are unconnected,” said Jason Baptiste, founder and CEO of STUDIO. “We see STUDIO as the one immserive screen and smart hub that turns these pieces of unconnected equipment into connected equipment through immersive software, incredible instructors, and an uplifting community. Instead of buying many pieces of costly equipment and their subscription services, we designed STUDIO as a solution to bring together what you already own, combined with one of the largest content offerings on the market. With over 2,000 classes currently and six new classes released each day, we have content that stays fresh, fun and motivating for everyone in the home.”

STUDIO will retail for $999 and begins shipping in November 2020 with a monthly subscription fee of $39 with unlimited family member users.

CTW’s Take

While everyone else is trying to create a new fitness machine with its own subscription, STUDIO is taking a very interesting approach, and one that I think might just work. It’s not feasible for people to own more than two connected fitness products (at most) due to the cost associated with the monthly subscriptions and purchasing hardware, so STUDIO wants to be a centralized hub that can work with multiple manufacturers. In fact, STUDIO is very similar to what I envisioned when I mentioned that Apple could compete with Peloton through a Fitness+API.

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