Is Peloton getting ready to pump up its strength division with a new product?

A recent job posting from Peloton for a Vice President of Product Marketing could give us clues about future ambitions for Peloton.

It’s no secret that Peloton Digital has been a key focus for Peloton during 2020. They’ve been unable to meet the strong demand for their bikes much of the year due to COVID-19 and all that has followed. Their digital app (iPhone, Android, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc.) has been a key promotion point for Peloton’s advertising strategy over the summer, and wisely so. It makes more sense to get someone in the ‘ecosystem’ of Peloton today than it does to let them use a competitor like Daily Burn. Once they’re a Peloton Digital subscriber, they can then be converted to a full membership with a hardware purchase.

The Peloton Digital app has a wide variety of fitness options from outdoor runs, Yoga classes, and also strength classes. I’ve personally been using their strength classes with ‘plain ole’ weights for the past few months, and I’ve been quite impressed with the content. Going forward, it appears Peloton has more ambitions for their strength training platform as well.

Reporting to the SVP, Head of Product Marketing, the VP of Product Marketing for Peloton Strength will be a key leader in our Marketing organization.  The VP will function in many ways as the marketing GM for this Strength product line and be responsible for overseeing the go-to-market strategy for this emerging content discipline at Peloton.  

A key part of the job description that stands out to me is this:

Oversee a growing team of marketers. Given that Strength is a new division, you will build the team from the bottom up. 

Is Peloton planning to release a line of connected dumbbells? They currently sell ‘regular dumbbells’ that are used with the bike and treadmill classes. Around a year ago, Peloton filed a patent application for dumbells as well so it’s clear that they have hardware ambitions (tip from Reddit). I would also expect a hire with the responsibilities of that job listing to include more than just overseeing Peloton Digital classes.

I know that I would certainly be interested in a line of connected dumbells that could track my strength progress automatically to my Peloton profile. Long term, they could even release a connected line of the Bowflex weights.

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