CAROL Bike: A 20-second workout that actually delivers results? [Video]

While there are a lot of alternatives to Peloton, I have never seen an indoor bike like the one named CAROL. I am currently testing out the new CAROL Bike 2.0, which promises great results through extremely short (and intense) workouts. My initial test consisted of two 10-second intervals. Watch below to see how it went!

CAROL is the only bike created for the purpose of REHIT, a next-level high-intensity interval workout that claims double the health benefits in just 10% of the time. Niels Vollaard, who holds a Ph.D. and is an exercise physiology researcher at the University of Stirling, wrote:

CAROL is the only bike that accurately replicates REHIT outside of the labs. This scientific exercise cannot be done on a regular bike because it requires the supra-maximal resistance tailored to each person’s physiology.

While there is some legitimate science backing this up, I wanted to see for myself how such a short workout can deliver results. Here is the video of my initial test with the CAROL Bike 2.0:

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I’ll be testing out the CAROL Bike 2.0 further and should be able to have an in-depth review up in January. Keep checking in with Connect The Watts (or subscribe to our YouTube channel) if you would like to see the full review!

Learn more about the CAROL Bike here.

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