Hands-on with YRH BP Doctor Pro Blood Pressure Smart Watch [Video]

WearWiz Doctor Pro Blood Pressure Smart Watch

The YHE BP Doctor Pro Blood Pressure Smart Watch is an interesting wearable with a 1.4″ AMOLED touchscreen display and many of the features of the standard health features you’d expect. But as the name conveys, this smart watch beats Apple, Google/Fitbit, and more in integrating blood pressure measurements. Here’s my full review.

The YHE BP Doctor Pro Blood Pressure Smart Watch is one of the most unique smart watches I’ve come across in a while. It features heart rate and exercise tracking, sleep, and even HRV monitoring, and of course, the main feature that sets this apart – the integrated inflatable cuff that monitors your blood pressure.

YHE BP Doctor Pro included apps:

  • The blood pressure monitor
  • Blood oxygen monitor
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Exercise tracker
  • Alarm clock
  • Calorie tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • A weather app
  • And even an HRV Tracker

YHE BP Doctor Pro Blood Pressure Smart Watch

Design and fit

Design-wise, you’ll probably notice this is a fairly bulky watch, and while I don’t think it looks terrible, it doesn’t have a super sleek modern look to it. If you have slimmer wrists than me, it could even seem a bit bulky. I wouldn’t say it’s an ugly watch, but if style is a priority for a wearable, you may not be too impressed.

But, the fact is if you are interested in a blood pressure watch like this, you’re probably more interested in the function and convenience than its looks. In terms of comfort, it’s neither great nor bad. It is on the heavier side, though doesn’t feel much different than wearing some of the heavier GPS watches from Garmin or Coros. I think the WearWiz could look a lot better than it does with some nicer face watch options. While there are a few to select from, I didn’t find any that I particularly loved.

The body of the watch is made with stainless steel, and because the blood pressure cuff is integrated with half of the watch strap, you don’t have any option to change it to another color or anything, although you can order a replacement if needed. There are two buttons on the side, the smaller of which works to turn the screen on and off, and the larger to take you to the app menu.

Display and UI

The display itself is actually pretty nice, being a 1.4” AMOLED Glass touchscreen with a 360-360 resolution, so definitely not bad at all. It feels great to use. It’s quick and responsive as you move to the menu to open up one of the included apps.

The interface here is actually well thought out. It allows you to optionally select a guest mode if you are letting someone else try the watch, so it won’t record that data. And, it also allows you to set reminders if you need to check your blood pressure throughout the day.

Blood pressure

Once you start the blood pressure feature, just like with a regular blood pressure monitor, you will feel the inflatable cuff start to inflate, and it will show how much pressure is being applied directly on the watch. In order to get the most accurate results, what I found works best is to have the watch at least three fingers up your wrist, strapped fairly tight, and of course, staying in a nice relaxed position with your wrist at or slightly above the level of your heart.

The Blood Pressure is not going to be 100% accurate of course, but it is supposedly near the accuracy of a medical-grade blood pressure monitor. I personally think it’s probably in the ballpark of around a 5-10% of error, and if you regularly test your blood pressure alongside this when getting started, you can figure out which way it tends to error. For me, it was always a little bit high, but not significantly so, and now that I know that, I adjust for it.

WearWiz Doctor Pro Blood Pressure wrap-up

There isn’t much more that needs to be said about this smart watch. If you need to track your blood pressure daily or multiple times a day to help monitor a condition, and you want the convenience of being able to do that without an electronic blood pressure monitor on hand, then the WearWiz Doctor Pro Blood Pressure Smart Watch is certainly worth your consideration.

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