Tonal Patents reveal possible new products in the works [Video]


New patents filed by Tonal have surfaced with detailed images showing potential new products in development. Possible future Tonal equipment includes a convertible bench, a floor-based system with a floating screen, and even a system that features a projector.

Shared by Bob Treemore on Twitter, the new Tonal patents recently surfaced after being originally filed at the end of 2021.

Possible Tonal system variations range from a foldable smart bench with integrated weights and platforms requiring only wall-mounted handles to even a version utilizing a projector to display.

Looking through this lengthy patent filing, most of the variants seem to eliminate having the bulk of the machine on the wall – which is what provides the digital resistance.

Potential new Tonal equipment in the works

I think the coolest potential product is this platform, which can be raised into a bench. There are also some versions that require an alternative screen like a tablet or phone and some that include a free-standing screen attached to the platform so it doesn’t need to be near a wall at all.

The most advanced tech-wise is one patent that uses a projector instead of a screen.

Pros and cons of floor-based equipment

Having an alternative version of Tonal that is floor or platform-based makes a lot of sense as there are many companies moving in that direction, including the Vitruvian, which I actually got a demo at my house today. It was a lot of fun – I’ll post a video on that soon so make sure to subscribe.

The pro of having a platform-based strength system versus one on the wall like Tonal or FORME Lift is that floor-based platforms you stand on can provide a lot more resistance. In contrast, the most we’ve seen from wall-based equipment like Tonal or the FORME Lift is 200 pounds. That’s probably enough for most people, but I’m not sure if they will ever offer more as they might be concerned about tearing down your wall.

The con of having a floor-based platform is that it’s harder to have the same variety in terms of lever arms and positioning without additional accessories. You don’t have the cable weights adjustable up and down in front of you, though it does look like Tonal is trying to go for a hybrid of the two.

What do you think? Let me know down in the comments.

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