Hydrow Rower milestones – a list of every ‘secret’ reward

Who else is tired of working out and only getting improved health and wellness in return? Hydrow heard our cries and came up with a way to keep us focused and committed to rowing for fitness… SCHWAG. A constant and continual flow of sweet, sweet schwag.

But these rewards are often a mystery to Hydrow users, since they are only revealed one at a time. Here is the entire list for you to check out!

On your Hydrow progress screen, you will see a milestone goal and what item will be sent to you once achieved. After a Hydrow milestone is hit, an email will be sent to you within the next couple days to confirm your mailing address. Then on your progress screen, it will automatically switch to the next milestone.

But what exactly are the Hydrow milestones, and what will I get when I hit them? Read on to get all the delightful details.

The Original Meter Milestones

100k Water bottle

As soon as you boot up that Hydrow the first time, you’ll see this as your pending goal. Connect the Watts’ own Colin Jenkins has hit this milestone, and the water bottle is a stylish black stainless steel with a screw-on cork lid. 21 ounce capacity and able to hold hot and cold beverages, we dig this prize.

250k – socks

This pair of socks will have some type of insignia to let people know this wasn’t store bought fashion, but sweat earned schwag.

500k – more socks

Just when one of those socks you earned at 250,000 meters gets lost in the laundry, fear not! At 500,000 meters you earn another pair of socks.

750k – Yes, more socks

Yes, it is another pair of socks to complete the Hydrow Hat Trick: three consecutive accomplishments of 250k meters.

The Million Meters Club

At a million meters, you officially enter the ranks of the Million Meters Club. All schwag earned past this point will be emblazoned with the coveted Hydrow milestone MMC logo.

1M Henley shirt

This style of shirt is classic in the world of crew (rowing). Just an indoor rower no more, now you’re an indoor rower who has the look of an outdoor rower!

2M Hat

A baseball cap style hat, useful for sunny days out on the water. Wait, what?

3M Crew neck sweatshirt

This Hydrow milestone is perfect for early morning rows out on the water, cutting through the brisk, damp air.

4M Backpack

A practical and rugged backpack, you’ll be ready for anything.

Okay, I have the distinct feeling that Hydrow is trying to say that at 4,000,000 meters you are ready to get in the water and live out your rowing dreams in some of your favorite Hydrow locations.

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