RENPHO Eye Massager review

Here at Connect the Watts, we love tech. We love tech so much, you’ll be hard pressed to ever catch us away from a screen … even when we are working out. All this screen time takes a toll. The RENPHO Eye Massager is meant to relieve the eye strain and alleviate the tension that screen time can cause. Read on to see if it really does.

Overview of RENPHO Eye Massager

By all appearances, the RENPHO Eye Massager is a relaxation device, but it is touted by the company as a recovery device. The 15 minute cycles of massage, vibration, and heat are meant to alleviate tension and relieve eye strain.

RENPHO Eye Massager specs

ChargerUSB to micro USB
Charging time2-3 hours
Working time on full charge120 minutes
Heated temperature107ºF
Massage modalityAir compression
BluetoothDevice pairing capable
SizesAdjustable strap
Remote controlAvailable option
Rated Voltage5V/1A
Device Noise<55 dB

Look and fit of the RENPHO Eye Massager

When first unboxed, the RENPHO Eye Massager seems like something far from comfortable. There is a hard plastic outer shell, and it feels heavy for something you wear on your face. But when put on, the RENPHO Eye Massager is actually very comfortable.

The synthetic PU leather that lines the inside is soft to the touch and not slick or sticky. I’ve been using the Eye Massager for a little over a month, so I can’t remark too much on the durability of the lining, but I’ve had no cracks or flaking of the PU yet.

For fit, the RENPHO Eye Massager relies on an adjustable elastic strap. This is a quality strap. It is 1.75″ inches wide, so it’s comfortable, and there is no exposed rubber even when it’s stretched to its max. The strap’s adjustability allows you to set it for a very secure fit, and its elasticity makes it easy to get on and off.

The hard plastic outer is available in white, black, pink, and limited-edition rainbow. For storage and travel, RENPHO employed a clamshell design that keeps the device very well protected. However, it doesn’t snap closed or have anything like a hook or strap to secure it when folded. This is a shortcoming if you want to throw it into a bag for travel.

Using the RENPHO Eye Massager

The RENPHO Eye Massager is capable of four different massage functions (referred to as ‘Air Pressure’ on the device) plus vibration, heat, and/or soothing music. The five modes it boasts are five unique combinations of those offerings:

  • Air Pressure + Heat + Music
  • Air Pressure + Heat + Vibration + Music
  • Air Pressure + Music
  • Heat
  • Vibration + Music

The device’s selection of soothing music will not play when Bluetooth is enabled, allowing the user to stream their own audio or have silence.

When the RENPHO Eye Massager is first powered on, it starts the first mode listed above. Each tap of the power button takes the user to the next mode, in the order of listed above. The device always gives verbal confirmation of which mode it is in.

There is no control over the length of the selected mode. The RENPHO Eye Massager will finish after 15 minutes, verbally instructing you to wait a minute before opening your eyes.

Air Pressure

The massage function is controlled by six air compression bags. They inflate and deflate to massage across 10 acupressure points found around your temple, forehead, eyes, and sinuses. RENPHO Eye Massager air compression is able to give you a deep massage gentle enough for your face (as opposed to a device that uses rollers).

You’re able to select between soft and strong pressure when in a massage mode. There is a noticeable difference between the two. I prefer the strong pressure, but I imagine if I were using this when I had a headache or some other issue, I might prefer soft.


The vibration is not continuous but short bursts of light vibration. I tried this once and decided it’s not for me. I’m sure there are people out there who’d like it, so it’s good the Eye Massager offers it.

I’m just glad I’m able to use the device and avoid vibration. It gave me an uncomfortable feeling in my teeth and tickled my nose.


RENPHO Eye Massager heats to between 104 and 107 degrees. The numbers sound high, but it is not an uncomfortable temperature for a heating pad.

I am a long-time user of heating pads as an aide in relaxation and headache care, and this is probably the most comfortable I’ve ever had on my face. It’s snug, temperature is consistent, and the material is soft and smooth against your skin.


The music is canned relaxation music with some subtle nature sounds (I think?) in the background. For me, this is in the same camp as the vibration: someone may like it, so it’s nice they offer it, but it’s just not for me.

The RENPHO Eye Massager is able to connect to your devices via Bluetooth. If I choose to listen to anything during the 15 minute cycle, I play my own content. The sound quality isn’t superior, but it’s fine.

RENPHO Eye Massager: final thoughts

Using the RENPHO Eye Massager couldn’t be easier. And there isn’t much more you would ever want from an eye massager than what this offers.

After spending a lot of time looking at one screen, like the computer for work, it can be hard for me to want to move onto another screen, like the Peloton for a ride. Using the RENPHO Eye Massager for recovery between the two screens has been very helpful.

Personally, I wish there were more padding across the nose bridge. I’m much smaller than the average person, so I’d be interested to hear if others have the same complaint, or maybe it’s a “small face” problem.

The air pressure and vibration functions make a significant amount of noise. For me, it’s white noise that I actually find very relaxing. When using the Eye Massager, I will usually forego playing my own content via Bluetooth and zone out to the dulcet tones of the device.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the RENPHO Eye Massager has a purchase option to include a remote. The Eye Massager I used was one without the remote.

I do find navigating the buttons on the device a little difficult and could see a lot of value in having a remote. The price difference is less than $5, so I would absolutely recommend choosing the with remote option.

Overall, I’m a big fan of this device. It’s a piece of recovery equipment that I can use passively, and for me, that means I’ll actually use it.

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