COROS adds new public beta enrollment in latest update

COROS is adding several new features, as well as a new public beta enrollment, for their latest firmware update. The new features being added to COROS’ lineup of smart GPS watches include improved app sync optimization, new distance units for the workout builder, Trail Run label support for Strava, and more.

Here is the release schedule for COROS’ newest firmware update:

  • June 29: APEX Pro and Pace 2
  • July 4: VERTIX and VERTIX 2
  • July 11: KIPRUN500

The six new features are being added include:

App data synchronization optimization

COROS users can now manually trigger synchronization on the Activity List page by pulling down the list. Previously, the only way users could manually trigger a sync was on the first page.

New workout builder distance units

When choosing distance as the target of a session, COROS now allows manual distance units of m (meter) and yd (yard, only in swim workout) in addition to the previously included km (kilometer), mi (mile options).

Intensity zone type optimization

While using the COROS workout builder, users can now set a target intensity with a percentage of different intensities, including:

  • % Max Heart Rate
  • % Heart Rate Reserve
  • % Lactate Threshold HR
  • % Threshold Pace

New public beta test process

COROS users can now sign up for a public beta test in the COROS App. Once signed up successfully, the COROS App will provide users with a hyperlink to the public test App (iOS via Testflight, Android on Google Play).

After updating the beta App, users will receive a firmware update notification. During the program, users can quit at any time by clicking Quit in the COROS app.

If you want to test this feature, please update the test app, then click this link to join the beta program.

In the future, all test apps will have a footnote in the lower right corner, so users can easily know which version they are running. On the device page, a beta logo will also show up indicating the device is running the beta firmware.

Trail Run label supports on Strava

After syncing a trail run activity to Strava, the label will now automatically show Trail Run instead of Run.

 RPE and Training Note support in all sports modes

All activity types will now support taking RPE and training notes after finishing a prebuilt workout.

RPE recording will also no longer pop out automatically after finishing a scheduled workout. Users can manually choose RPE in the activity summary on the watch and edit RPE (as well as Training Notes) in the COROS App.

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