Ergatta’s first live races set to begin next week

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Ergatta is ready to bring to it’s members their first live race event, Race Day Live. A long requested feature by the Ergatta rowing community, these live races will allow members to compete against each other in real time.

While competitive racing is not new to the Ergatta rower, doing so in real-time will be a first. Regular races on Ergatta pit you against other members’ ‘ghosts,’ which help make it feel like a live race. But there is nothing like the real thing.

Up for grabs are special edition badges and prizes, awarded to the top times of each Classification. Race Day Live will take place Tuesday, April 19, with two heats, 8 a.m. EDT or 11 a.m. EDT. Members will need to register ahead of time to be able to participate.

To register for Race Day Live, tap the Live Race pop-up at the bottom of your home screen, or select the Races library, where it is the featured Race.  And no, you ultra-competitive row freaks can’t sign up for both heats.

Details on how to register and tips to prepare can be found on the Race Day Live announcement blog post.

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