Tempo Move vs Tempo Studio: Which home gym should you buy?

With Tempo’s new Tempo Move having been recently released, many are trying to decide between it and the Tempo Studio for their home gym. Here are six things you should consider before making that decision.

Tempo Move vs Tempo Studio – Video

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Price comparison

The biggest and most obvious difference between the Tempo Move and Tempo Studio is the price.  

The Tempo Move is currently $395, while the Tempo Studio Starter Package costs $1,995.

So without considering any other factors, and just looking at the price alone, the Tempo Move makes the most sense for anyone on a budget. However, if you can afford the Tempo Studio, there are additional factors that you should consider before you purchase.

Equipment included

In terms of fitness equipment, the Tempo Move comes with:

  • Olympic Style Dumbbells x 2
  • Olympic Weight Plates totaling 35lbs
  • Dumbbell collars x 2 sets

The Tempo Studio Starter Package comes with:

  • Olympic Style Dumbbells x 2
  • Olympic Weight Plates totaling 75lbs
  • Dumbbell collars x 2 sets.
  • 5mm workout mat

The biggest difference here is the total load of the weight plates provided. With the dumbbells each weighing in at 7.5lbs, this means the maximum weight you can use for the Tempo Move is 25lbs per arm. Whereas on the Tempo Studio, the maximum weight is 45lbs per arm.

The Tempo Move does come with space to hold the four additional 10lb plates that the Tempo Studio comes with, but you will need to purchase them separately for $145.

Space required

There is very little difference between the Tempo Studio and Tempo Move in terms of actual floor space needed.

Tempo Move dimensions: 1’6”w x 1’6”d x 2’0”h
Tempo Studio dimensions: 2’22” w x 1’4” d x 6’ h

With a similar footprint, it is more important to consider where the Tempo will likely be used inside your home. 

If you have a small space, or the best area to workout is directly in front of your TV, then the Tempo Move (which utilizes your TV as the screen) would make more sense. If there are other areas in your home where you plan to workout without direct access to a screen, then having the all-inclusive Tempo Studio is a better option. 

Visual display

Make no mistake, the 42” vertical HD touchscreen that comes with the Tempo Studio is very impressive. Compared to competitors, like the NordicTrack Vault, this is easily the best-looking screen I have seen.

Compared to a horizontal television display, the vertical screen here makes the experience feel more like an in-person class. Having the instructor appear more life-size may sound like a small difference, but it really allows for a better experience.


The 3D camera and the 10th Gen i5 processor used to run the Tempo Studio are more high-tech than almost anything else out there. And this is very important to help make the equipment as future-proof as possible.

That said, 10 years from now, I can see the tech included with the Tempo Studio becoming obsolete. The dumbbells and weights will still be useful, but the screen and everything else, maybe not.

Similarly, if you ever decide that you no longer want to continue your Tempo membership, then the Tempo Studio becomes mere storage.

None of this is true with the Tempo Move.

The Tempo Move is one of the most future proof connected fitness devices that I have seen for two reasons:

  1. At a cost of $395, the dumbbells, weight plates, collars, and weight container are already a good value. Even if you drop the Tempo membership, the Tempo Move retains almost all of its function and value.
  2. Since the Tempo Move utilizes the camera tech on your smart phone (only iPhone compatible for now), it will remain future proof for as long as you continue to upgrade your phone.

So while I think the Tempo Studio has some great tech and is more future proof than other connected fitness devices, nothing beats the Tempo Move in this aspect.

Expansion options

As of early 2022, the Tempo Move does not yet work with the barbell, kettlebell, or additional dumbbell weights like the Tempo Studio. This may change in the future, but what will not change is the better storage capability of the Tempo Studio for additional equipment, like the barbell.

Also, I personally like to have the option to use my own weights with the Tempo classes. The Tempo Studio allows this because I can manually enter my weights onto the screen. Tempo Move, however, does not work with non-Tempo weights since it uses the camera to detect and record the load used.

Final thoughts

In general, the Tempo Move is likely going to be the best option for most people. This is especially true for those limited in space and for those who do not plan on expanding their workouts to include barbells.

However, the Tempo Studio is still the best overall option for those who can afford it. The larger vertical screen, as well as expandable options, make this a more complete home fitness studio package.

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