Tempo launches new Tempo Move designed for the iPhone

Tempo Move

Tempo has just announced and are taking pre-orders for their new Tempo Move Home Gym. The Tempo Move utilizes the tech on the iPhone and your home television to provide a smaller, more affordable version of the popular Tempo Studio ($395 USD instead of $2,495). Here is everything you need to know.

Tempo Move: Video Preview

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What is the Tempo Move?

The Tempo Move consists of a 2-foot-high storage container that holds within it everything you need to take their workout classes. It comes in both light and dark options and seems well designed to fit into any room.

The front of the Tempo Move is where all of the dumbbell weights and collars are stored. Encasing the front is a magnetic cover that allows it to be opened from the left or right.

On the top is an opening to the back portion of the Tempo Move where the two Olympic-style dumbbells are stored. Also on top is the removable circular unit that Tempo calls the Core.

The Core is where you can plug in an iPhone so that the Tempo Move can use its high-tech camera (and eventually LIDAR) to count reps and provide form feedback during workouts. The Core plugs directly into a TV via HDMI so you can watch the class and see all of the reps and feedback right on your TV. The model must be an iPhone X or newer to work.

What comes with the Tempo Move?

Alongside the Tempo Move storage and Core, it also includes:

  • Olympic-style Dumbbells x 2
  • Dumbbell Collars x 4
  • 5 lb. Olympic Plates x 4
  • 2.5 lb. Olympic Plates x 4
  • 1.25 lb. Olympic Plates x 4

*There is room here in the Tempo Move for 4 x 10 lb. Olympic plates, but Tempo decided not to include them in order to keep the price lower. You can order them separately from Tempo for $145.

What is new with the Tempo Move?

The Tempo Move works a bit differently than the Tempo Studio in a few ways. The primary difference is that instead of manually adjusting the weights on the screen, the Tempo Move automatically detects and records the weights you use. To help with accuracy, this is why each weight that comes with the Tempo Move is distinctive in both its color and size.

I really enjoy the classes Tempo offers, and I think the Tempo Move solves two big problems that held people back from investing in a Tempo Studio.

  • Not having enough space. My living room is the ideal spot to take a Tempo class, but there is no chance of me fitting it there without getting rid of my television. So instead, it sits in my 8×11 ft. office (alongside a bike, treadmill, desk, and video equipment). To Tempo’s credit, I can still do the workouts in this space, but it is far from ideal. The Tempo Move would allow me, and others who also have limited space, to move our classes to whichever room was best.
  • Affordability. The other turnoff for many for the Tempo Studio is the entry price being $2,495. Now that there is a way to get started for just $395, I think there will be a lot of interest given the quality and design of Tempo’s equipment.

What else you should know

  • The Tempo Move does require an iPhone X or newer model in order for it to work. Older models are not compatible.
  • The Tempo Move may not register your own dumbbells or weights for reps or weight tracking. For most, this won’t be an issue. But if you like to lift heavier dumbbells than what Tempo provides (50 lb. or more), you are out of luck for now.
  • The membership with the Tempo Move still costs $39 per month but only allows for six accounts (instead of the unlimited memberships that come with the Tempo Studio). 


The Tempo Move is now available for preorder here.

Orders are expected to ship out in early December so the Tempo Move is definitely a great possible holiday gift.

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