The 5 best features of the WHOOP 4.0 fitness tracker

Whoop 4.0 Features

I have been testing out the new WHOOP 4.0, and so far, I am very impressed. Here are my five favorite features!

WHOOP 4.0: Features Video

WHOOP 4.0: Battery

The one thing that I have always disliked about fitness trackers is that I have to take them off every day to charge them. But WHOOP 4.0 includes an always-on battery. This means that you never have to take off your WHOOP band to charge it. You simply charge the battery separately, and then when you need to charge your WHOOP, just slip the battery case over your band and continue about your day. The battery life of the WHOOP 4.0 also lasts four to five days, so you do not need to charge it very often.

The WHOOP 4.0 battery is also waterproof, which is a big improvement. The lack of waterproofing on the WHOOP 3.0 battery pack was a major issue. As a result, many people ended up destroying their battery packs by accidentally getting them wet. But with the new WHOOP 4.0, you can wash dishes or even shower and know that the battery will be completely safe.

No more need to worry about getting the battery pack wet

WHOOP 4.0: Strain Score

Let us dive into WHOOP’s biggest feature, the strain score. Your strain score is essentially a snapshot of how much cardiovascular load you have taken on throughout the day. Alongside your strain score, you also have your recovery score. Your recovery score is based on a multitude of factors, including your HRV, how much you have slept, your resting heart rate, and more.

Having these strain and recovery scores allows the WHOOP to really give you some good advice as to how hard you should be working out or how much on any given day. Although I do not always listen to what the WHOOP suggests, it does give me a better idea of what I should be shooting for.

WHOOP 4.0 Strain Score

One of the complaints people had about the older WHOOP 3.0 was the questionable heart rate accuracy. With WHOOP 4.0, it seems they have done a lot to make it more accurate, including doubling the optic sensors from two to four.

WHOOP 4.0: Health Report

Another feature I really liked with the WHOOP 4.0 is the daily health report. The daily health report consists of five metrics:

  • Respiratory rate
  • Blood oxygen
  • Resting heart rate
  • HRV (Heart rate variable)
  • Skin temperature

These are all taken every single night while you sleep, so when you wake up the next morning, you have the most reliable data. This allows you to compare your metrics day-to-day, or you can even see an entire seven or thirty-day report. Plus, you can print out your report to share with your doctor if needed, which I think is a really nice and convenient feature.

WHOOP 4.0: Sleep Coach

Now, if there is any area I need help in, it is my sleep. I have used various tools to track and measure my sleep, but the WHOOP 4.0 sleep coach is the best that I have used. The sleeping analysis program adjusts the suggestions based on what your goals are, and it breaks down how much sleep debt you collected and how much additional sleep you need based on your daily strain score.

WHOOP Sleep Coach

As you continue to use it, it learns more about how much you individually need to recover. This makes it a lot more useful because the number actually makes sense for the individual rather than the “average person.” Also new to the WHOOP 4.0 is the haptic alarm system. This allows you to set a vibrating alarm on your band for a specific time, once you have hit your sleep goal, or when you have gotten full recovery.

WHOOP 4.0: Smaller Size

Finally, one of the biggest changes to the new WHOOP 4.0 is the 33% smaller size. Ideally, with a band like this that does not include a screen, there is no need for it to be very big. And the previous WHOOP was a little more clunky for people with smaller wrists. Now that they have trimmed down the size, it fits more people and increases the heart rate accuracy.

WHOOP 4.0 now fits inside WHOOP Clothing

It is also easier to pop the WHOOP of the band to easily interchange it. Plus, it fits into specific WHOOP clothing so if you do not want to wear it on your wrist, you do not have to. As I tested it, the only thing available was the bra, so I have not tested that out. But I am excited to try some of the other whoop clothing, once I get the shirt.

WHOOP 4.0: Wrap-up

There is still a lot more to dig into with the WHOOP 4.0. The full review will be coming out soon, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch it!

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