Renpho AI Smart Exercise Bike review: a $399 Peloton alternative

Renpho AI Smart Exercise Bike review

The Renpho AI Smart Exercise Bike is a bike that has auto-resistance capabilities and is built around FTP or power zone training. It is also almost always about one-third or less of the price of the Original Peloton Bike. When the Renpho was first released, it was priced at around $600. Over time, I have seen the price drop and now it is an insanely low $399.

Renpho AI Smart Bike specifications

  • Carbon structural steel frame (49-inch height, 20-inch width, 40-inch length)
  • Universal seat cushion 
  • Adjustable pedal straps
  • Tablet Holder (up to 8.46-inches)
  • Adjustable handlebars and saddle 
  • Metrics: real-time RPM, power, cadence, resistance, calories
  • RENPHO AI Gym App connects via Bluetooth 
  • Automatic and manual resistance
  • 0-1000W power range
  • 80 gears

Renpho design

The Renpho design is pretty simple and straightforward. It has a decent 3-way adjustment system and slide-in pedals. These are fine for someone brand-new to cycling but you will probably want to replace these eventually with clip-in pedals.

The Renpho is also pretty compact and weighs around 80 pounds, which makes it very easy to move around. I liked this design because one of the things I enjoy doing on bikes with no screen is rolling them in front of the TV where I can stream a Peloton or other cycling class. The problem that can come with lighter bikes is that sometimes less weight makes them less stable.

While the Renpho does move a little more than some of the heavier bikes I have used, it was pretty minimal. Along with streaming classes through your TV, the Renpho also includes a tablet and smart phone holder above the handlebars.

Renpho power zone training 

Everything on the bike is controlled by the dial on the handlebars. Here, you can select the resistance level, see your cadence, and even view your power output, which is really important for power zone or FTP training. 

Power zone training is a training method that allows you to have customized workouts based on an FTP Score. It’s similar to heart rate training, and in my opinion, just as effective. In fact, the majority of workouts I do on my Peloton Bike are power zone classes. 

Since the Renpho is designed for power zone training, it makes it really convenient to take power zone classes, both on Peloton and other programs. This is something you can’t even do on some of the more expensive bikes, like the new MYX II.  

Renpho connectivity 

The Renpho Bike can connect via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet through their free app and some others, like Zwift. The Renpho app has a variety of classes as well, including studio and scenic rides. They don’t offer as many classes as Peloton or IFit, but they have a pretty decent selection given that it is a free app with no membership. 

Renpho resistance

It’s called the Renpho AI Smart Bike is because it uses your metrics to adjust your training plan. Not only will it record your stats and power output, it also has auto-adjusting resistance. For a bike this cheap, that’s pretty insane.

Auto-adjusting resistance is one of the bigger selling points of the Peloton Bike+. So I was surprised that the Renpho has it included on its device, which is much cheaper than the Peloton. 

Where the Renpho falls short

One of the issues I had with the Renpho Bike was the smoothness of the cycling. At lower resistances, it felt fine to ride. But after adding more resistance, it became more difficult to have a smooth pedal stroke. The Renpho is still usable at higher resistances, but it is definitely the area you will feel the price difference the most. 

The other issue I had is that it really does not allow riding out of the saddle. The bike gets really wonky and it makes it pretty impossible to do. If you like riding with your bottom off the seat occasionally, this could be a big negative factor. 

Connect the Watts’ Take 

Is the Renpho as good as the Peloton Bike? No. But I find that for many of us, we tend to delay things we should do, like working out, with excuses. I know there are people who want to get in shape and start cycling at home, but keep putting it off because of the price. But with options like the Renpho, you can have a lot of the Peloton experience at a fraction of the price.

Getting started with something like the Renpho now is a great decision if it means that you can get started sooner rather than later. I know that taking the first step toward building a fitness routine is one hurdle that, unfortunately, a lot of people get stuck on. But I am all for anything that can help someone just get the ball rolling. 

Overall, I think the Renpho Bike is a great starter bike. It is an extremely well-priced alternative for someone who wants to get started with an at-home program, like Peloton, but cannot yet justify or afford the cost. 

Buy the Renpho AI Smart Bike here. Use code “BIKESPECIAL” to get it for $399.

Or buy on Amazon here

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