Terra-Core balance trainer review

Terra-Core review

I have been using the Terra-Core for a while now and I have to say, I am pretty impressed. The Terra-Core is a balance trainer that can also be used as a fully functional bench. This review will cover everything you need to know about the Terra-Core and if it is the right addition for your home gym.

Terra-Core design

At first glance, the Terra-Core reminded me of an oval-shaped Bosu ball and I did not understand the hype. After looking closer, I realized it is designed very differently and does not even compare. The Terra-Core weighs 28lbs and offers a huge variety of workouts. The top is made of high-density polyethylene that feels very durable and is easy to clean. There are also markings along the top that help with stability and placement. When I was doing squats, for example, the markings were a nice guide that helped keep me centered.

The bottom side is flat and includes push-up handles for wide or narrow push-ups. Having these handles provides more of a challenge compared to normal push-ups done on the ground. There are also ridges along the base of the Terra-Core. I did not understand the purpose of these until I watched the introduction video. Their function here is actually a brilliant design idea since they are for holding resistance bands in place. During a workout, you can place resistance bands between the ridges, and they will not slide around.

Terra-Core package

Along with the Terra-Core itself, you also receive a measuring tape and pump. They describe the pump on the Terra-Core website as “terribly inefficient.” It is a very basic pump but I thought it worked pretty well when I used it. But the first time you inflate your Terra-Core, it will definitely get your shoulders burning.

I was confused by the measuring tape at first, to be honest. When I initially saw it I thought, “Wow. They must really expect everyone to lose inches if they send you a measuring tape,” but then I realized it is actually for measuring how much air to pump into the Terra-Core.

Less air in the Terra-Core means less stability and more reactivity when you are balancing, while more air means more stability and less reactivity. They recommend you inflate your Terra-Core around 21-22 inches, so you have a more solid base while you are getting used to it.

They also include a chart of Terra-Core workouts, with pictures, so you can get started using it right away. Setting up the Terra-Core was very easy and took me a total of maybe ten minutes.

Terra-Core app 

I already knew some of the workouts I wanted to try on the Terra-Core, but the chart gave me so many more ideas. I was also really excited when I realized they had an app you can download as well to stream on-demand classes from.

On the side of the Terra-Core, there is a QR code users can scan to take them to the Terra-Core website. From there, they can choose to purchase the Terra-Core on-demand plan for $149.99 a year or $19.99 a month. They also offer a fourteen-day trial in case users would like to try out the app before purchasing.

As I mentioned previously, the app offers an introduction video for new Terra-Core users. I found the way it described the set-up very helpful. Plus, they give you even more workout suggestions at the end.

The app offers quite a few workout categories to choose from including HIIT, sculpt, lower body, active aging, prenatal, yoga, and more. You can also browse classes by difficulty level and duration.

One feature I found very useful is that you can download classes to take later if you ever want to use the Terra-Core in a place where you may not have service. The app does not offer a ton of workouts in each category to choose from, but there is definitely enough to get you started.  

Thoughts on the Terra-Core 

Overall, I really enjoy using the Terra-Core and I think it is designed very well. What I love most is that you do not need to change your workout plan to incorporate the Terra-Core if you don’t want to. You can still do the same exercises, but instead, do them on the Terra-Core for an extra stability challenge.

Plus, if you run out of exercise ideas, the Terra-Core itself weighs 28lbs. So even if you just lift it without doing any other movements, it will be a workout. I feel that since the Terra-Core is such a unique product and is good for all fitness levels, the ways you can use it are endless.

Buy Terra-Core here. 

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