Everything you need to know about the Ergatta rower Meteor game

Ergatta Meteor Game Guide

Ergatta is a connected fitness rower that is unique in that it focuses entirely on workout games instead of workout classes, which is great for someone like me who loves both fitness and gaming. Here, I am going to go over everything you need to know about my favorite game on the Ergatta: the Meteor game.

The Meteor game challenges you to collect as many tokens as possible while they fly through space in four different targeted speed lanes. Once you’ve taken the 1K row calibration test, which the Ergatta system asks you to do on occasion, these speed lanes will be calibrated specifically to your current fitness level.  

As someone who has worked out a lot in the past on the Concept 2 rower, the Meteor game seems very similar in some ways to the fish game — except it’s actually good. Sorry fish game, we all love you, but you have officially been replaced by something better. Something that doesn’t force me to make strange movements on the rower and actually lets me… well, row.

Meteor game strategy

The Meteor game seems simple, but there is actually a bit of strategy to it. To collect the tokens, you need to be in the correct lane. But if there are no tokens to grab, you don’t need to be in the lane. So if you can get your strokes per minute to match up with the rhythm of the tokens, you can pop up into your lane right as you want to collect a token and then drop back underneath. 

These workouts can sometimes be very hard, so that can actually be the difference between you doing well when maintaining the correct lanes, and it can help save your energy for the occasional bonus tokens.

Once in a while, a lane will pop up above the current lane that has bonus tokens. If you have a little extra in the tank and the willpower to expend it, you can increase the speed to collect some of them. What can you do with all of the tokens you earn? Well, as of right now, nothing. Maybe in the future, we will be able to use our tokens to earn special character skins for the game.

Gotta grab those bonus tokens!

The Meteor game is often integrated into the “Push Programs,” which are programs designed by Ergatta for you to follow along with and work towards a final test or goal. Another way to access the game is to select “Interval Workouts,” then select “Meteor,” and it will show you hundreds of workouts to choose from.

You can sort workouts by time, difficulty, endurance, favorites, ones your friends have completed, and more. Once you’ve completed a Meteor workout, the stats screen will show you your results and how you ranked relative to everyone else who took that workout.

There is really some cool potential here. The Ergatta team’s constantly putting out new updates, like their recent 3D race update, so I am excited to see how the Meteor game continues to evolve.

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