LIT Method now offers a corporate and employee wellness program with discounts

LIT Method discount

Connected fitness manufacturer LIT Method has announced it’s now offering a wellness program discount for employers purchasing its Strength Machine and LIT ON-DEMAND subscriptions for in-office fitness. The discount also applies to employees who buy LIT Method for their home offices.

LIT Method was founded by Justin and Taylor Norris as a result of their decades-long journey of fitness rehabilitation and promoting weight alternatives like resistance bands. The LIT portion of the company name stands for “Low Impact Training” Method, a huge focus of the brand to support building bodies, rather than breaking them.

The final result is the LIT Strength Machine, an all-in-one home fitness gym that is part rower, part Pilates reformer, and also works as a resistance training system. Contrary to many of the more intense connected fitness products out there, the LIT Strength Machine offers a low-impact alternative for individuals suffering from pain, injury, or are looking to safely rehabilitate their bodies.

Now, LIT Method has seen investment from entrepreneurs like Jay-Z, and continues to grow its community.

In addition to offering safer workouts with less strain on the body, LIT Method now provides discounts to owners on both the Strength Machine and its LIT ON-DEMAND content. You may also qualify for an additional tax deduction, too.

LIT Method offers a discount, can be tax-deductible

In addition to selling a low-impact and more cost-effective fitness product, LIT Method now offers a corporate and employees wellness program. The program offers a discount on the LIT Method Strength Machine for employers to purchase for in-office fitness.

Furthermore, the discount can apply to employees who buy a machine for their home offices.

If you don’t have the money or the space for LIT Method’s machine, the fitness company is also offering a discount to LIT ON-DEMAND, its content library of over 500 exercises that do not require the machine at all. 

This new corporate wellness program offers 10% off both the LIT Strength Machine and LIT ON-DEMAND subscription. Also, if an employee or individual working from home purchases the LIT Strength Machine, they’ll receive a complimentary cardio pack valued at $350. 

If you feel left out reading this, fear not. You also qualify for a special LIT Method discount specifically for CTW readers. Use code WATTS350 for $350 in total savings on your LIT Method Strength Machine.

The LIT Strength Machine is tax deductible

According to the low-impact fitness manufacturer, the LIT Strength Machine is tax deductible for anyone whose doctor is prescribing physical therapy and low-impact exercise for rehab. 

There are terms and qualifications to receive the tax deduction, however. LIT Method has provided more details about the process, including the recommendation to consult a CPA or tax professional.

Currently, the LIT Method Strength Machine starts at a price of $1,750 without any discount. The company offers custom kits with additional accessories at various prices, too. LIT ON-DEMAND is currently priced at $24.99 per month without the 10% wellness discount.

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