LARQ review: We take a look at this clever self-cleaning water bottle

LARQ Bottle Review

Hydration is a vitally important competent of our lives. Energy levels, metabolism, weight loss, performance, and your health rely on you being well hydrated. What the LARQ self-cleaning water bottle does is allow you to stay hydrated wherever you go without worrying about the quality of water you are drinking.

What makes the LARQ bottle unique is all in the bottle cap. The bottle cap disperses UV-C light into your water, essentially killing any and all the bacteria within. According to various studies, the LARQ bottle effectively killed 99.9999% of E. coli when using the three-minute sanitation cycle.

You can activate a one-minute cleaning cycle by tapping the button on the cap or a three-minute cycle by pressing twice. Every two hours, the bottle will self-clean for 10 seconds in an effort to keep the inside as free of bacteria as possible. You do have to occasionally charge the LARQ bottle, but not very often. A single charge lasted me over three weeks. 

Now, I’m not a huge outdoors guy. There is a reason I like Connected Fitness Tech! So I didn’t take this bottle with me to drink out of creeks or puddles, which is why some might consider this bottle. I wanted a LARQ bottle for two different purposes:

  1. I always forget to clean my water bottles, so I liked the idea of having one that didn’t need to be cleaned.
  2. I drink a lot of tap water at my gym and office and going out to various locations. Where I live, the tap water is funky, and I wanted a water bottle to make sure I wasn’t drinking anything nasty.
LARQ Bottle Cap with UV-C light

And for those two purposes, the LARQ bottle works great. I still have not cleaned it after two months, and water still takes great. It keeps the water cold, I feel comfortable drinking water from any source, and the bottle has a great design.

The one issue I do have with the bottle is that it is not very drop-proof. I only dropped it once when I was riding an indoor bike, and that was enough to cause some decent visual damage to the cap. The bottle still works fine, but it is troublesome to see such damage from such a small drop.

With the LARQ self-cleaning water bottle, you are paying quite a bit more for that tech. However, if knowing your water will be safe and clean will keep you from drinking out of plastic bottles, it is definitely worth it. Or, if you are like me and just enjoy having a bottle that seldom needs to be cleaned, it can be a great purchase.

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