Irene Scholz becomes first Peloton instructor to leave in over a year

Irene Leaves Peloton

German Peloton Instructor Irene Scholz has announced she is leaving Peloton via posts on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. This makes Scholz the first instructor in over a year to leave Peloton, which sees very little coach turnover year after year.

Scholz’s English portion of her Facebook post reads:

“I have some bittersweet news to share, I’m going to be leaving the Peloton community to strike out on new adventures. It’s been an honor being a part of your days and I want to thank our incredible community of members for supporting me along the way. Until next time!”

Scholz’s departure was hinted at when Pelobuddy reported that fellow Berlin-based German instructor Erik Jager had returned to the London studios, while Scholz had not. It was also notable that Sholz had posted very little to social media recently, with one exception. A few days ago, she changed her job description to “One Peloton Instructor” with a red X in front, subtly hinting to what she finally announced today. 

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Peloton, as usual, has chosen to remain silent on this but did immediately move Scholz to the bottom of the Peloton Instructors list on its website (which otherwise is entirely alphabetical). It’s a little strange way of handling the departure of a well-liked coach. However, to be fair, Peloton does not have much experience with instructors leaving. 

We may never know why Scholz either left or was let go, as Peloton coaches are presumed to be under tight NDAs and really cannot speak out to the situation. Scholz seeking new opportunities that don’t require a commute from Germany to London is as good a guess as any. That is not a short commute for work.  

As of right now, all of Scholz’s on-demand classes are still available within the Peloton app, which is usually the case when an instructor leaves on good terms. As Peloton adjusts its library with future class purges, all of Scholz’s classes will likely slowly disappear. So if you enjoy her classes, make sure to keep taking them before they go away.

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