Where are the best places to buy a used Peloton bike?

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As we’ve mentioned in recent posts, Peloton bikes are going to be nearly impossible to purchase without waiting for potentially a few months. Where is the best place to bike a used Peloton Bike for sale?

Peloton has seen demand skyrocket during 2020 thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. As gyms were shuttered across much of the world, people were looking for better at-home options for their fitness needs. Peloton, thanks to its interactive classes, was a very popular choice for people wanting to alternative workout environment that can be done at home.

While most people prefer to purchase a new Bike to get the white glove setup and delivery with an included warranty, a used Peloton makes a lot of sense for those looking to take earlier delivery of a Bike or those looking to save money. Peloton offers a $700 trade-in for the original Bike when upgrading to Bike+. Peloton has announced they will eventually offer a certified refurbished store, but it’s not likely to be open until 2021.

Best options to find a used Peloton Bike for sale

Peloton bike

One of the best places to start is your local Facebook marketplace. Due to a Peloton bike’s weight and size, finding a local option is the best solution. You’ll be able to examine the product ahead of time and even possibly try it out.

People who want to purchase the new Bike+ can easily double the selling price of their existing Peloton bike on Facebook marketplace compared to what Peloton will offer for trade-ins. There is also a ‘Peloton buy/sell group’ on Facebook, but again, we advise you to find a local pickup option.

Searching eBay for Peloton bikes is an option but they will be very expensive to ship. However, it’s possible to find one at a good enough price to be worth your while to ship, but it would be ideal to find one that does local pickup. Even if you have to drive an hour or two, it would likely still be less expensive than shipping a bike.

A final option would be to search on your local Craigslist pages. People who are selling Bikes locally will likely list on Craigslist as well as on Facebook marketplace. Keep in mind, there will be scams on Craigslist. In our experience, once you reach out to people who have generic photos listed, they will tell a story about how they are selling the item through eBay on Craigslist and they will ask you to PayPal them the money, and they will ship the Peloton bike they have for sale through a distribution center. These situations are certainly scams, and you should never PayPal someone for a Craigslist sale. Craigslist purchases, like Facebook marketplace purchases, should be done in person and cash only.

Key reminders on warranty and maintenance

The warranty on a Peloton bike is not transferrable, so if the ad you view mentions it comes with the extended warranty, that warranty will not apply to you. Once the Peloton bike is registered to a new account, the bike will no longer be under any warranty. If repairs are needed, you will either have to do them yourself or pay Peloton to send a technician to your house.

After you get your used Peloton bike home, you’ll want to adjust it for the floors where it will be located.

Peloton also recommends that you tighten your seat, pedals, and cleats at least once a month. When cleaning the frame, use a gentle cleanser or soft damp cloth to wipe down and remove sweat. Do not use soap or water when cleaning your Bike. Always be sure to dry thoroughly after each cleaning. Information on general maintenance can be found in the video below.

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